Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What Is Orange Glass?

Orange Glass is a blog to track and understand popular culture in India. Spotting trends and observing changes in fashion and consumer behaviour and preferences.

Things to track and understand

Are Google Talk and Facebook status messages the next blogs?
What kind of people put up quotes?
What kind of people post funny lines?
What kind of people display songs they're listening to?

Why is Pecos as famous as it is in Bangalore?
What's with the Facebook hairstyle of girls?
Hanging out at Cafe Coffee Day. Is it for coffee or for the place?
What makes things cool?


Ayanonymous said...
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Tanaya said...

Hi Nikhil..

Thanks for your comments on my blog.. you have quiet a few number of blogs i see..

Orange glass sounds damn interesting..though i guess you have just begun right on this blog??

I really like your thought - Are Google Talk and Facebook status messages the next blogs?

i mean the way u have put is pretty self explainatory..its like a autobiography of people's lives..

everybody has their days with quotes with funny lines with real life status of the day..songs in a way to show your music taste to the world..

The cafe coffee day bit.. can be an anlysis in itself.. The CCD at Carter Road in mumbai is a real observation point.. u can see the world there..from the rich kids of mumbai displaying their ipods to cell phones to branded clothing.. then the singing band kinda guys girls.. real bands i mean.. rcok bands.. jamsessions.. then the theatre kinds.. its a mix and mash of all kinds.. i think its a really interesting place to be if u r the sorts who loves watching people and observing them..

i think that can be a really good time pass and can be quiet helpul in my profession specifically.. helps u trigger your mind with a lot of ideas as well as gives u insights into a lot others as well..

Keep in touch and let me know wen u have something new up on your blog..