Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Coffee in CCD - yeah,right.

Trying to understand what makes Café Coffee Day the popular hang-out it is today among the youth.

Ayan says -

I personally dont like coffee at all, but would love to try out kopi luwak coffee simply for so-I-can-talk-about-it-and-gross-others-out benefits. Can't comment on how much people like the coffee there.

What to do at CCD?

But yes, its a nice relaxing place where all one should do is relax, tell the waiter (who'll come wearing a long red skirt) that you are waiting for n+1 friends (where n is the number of friends you are expecting) and you'll order after they come, chat with your friends after they come, then get up and leave. If you order coffee, then you didn't get the point of the last sentence. Of course, after a few such trips, the waiters will become wise to your ways. In that case, simply shift to the next CCD - which wont be more than a 5 minutes walk.

Oh, and in case you were feeling hungry and decided to go to CCD, try this - take out a hundred rupee note, throw it in the gutter, and then buy a dabeli at the nearest stall - the effect will be the same.
What do you think of CCD? Like it or don't like it? Tell us in the comments. An easier way out, just take this poll.

An Economy Builds Around Britney

And you thought Britney's days were over? Huh.

"Britney is the most bankable celebrity out there right now, and she has been for the past year," said Francois Navarre, founder of the paparazzi agency X17.

"An editor's dream is to have a real life soap opera unraveling in front of you, and Britney provides that every week," said Sarah Ivens, OK!'s US editor. The magazine has a 10-person team in Los Angeles devoted to Spears coverage. "We're on constant Britney alert." She wouldn't disclose the costs to the magazine, saying only that Spears has been "amazing" for OK!'s business.

More here.

Here's Britney driving the economy around her.

PS. A bonus. Britney's marriage licence here. Interesting that one of the fields is Number Of Marriage.

What Is Orange Glass?

Orange Glass is a blog to track and understand popular culture in India. Spotting trends and observing changes in fashion and consumer behaviour and preferences.

Things to track and understand

Are Google Talk and Facebook status messages the next blogs?
What kind of people put up quotes?
What kind of people post funny lines?
What kind of people display songs they're listening to?

Why is Pecos as famous as it is in Bangalore?
What's with the Facebook hairstyle of girls?
Hanging out at Cafe Coffee Day. Is it for coffee or for the place?
What makes things cool?