Monday, June 9, 2008

Why Gas Price Hike Won't Increase Auto Fares

Following the recent hike in prices of petrol, diesel and LPG, it is natural to expect an increase in auto rickshaw fares to ensure that the interests of the auto-wallahs are maintained. But look like increasing the fares isn't quite in their interest, going by what one heard from the auto-wallah last night.

Here was his logic -

Nodi saar, cutting tea elli sigatto alli hogi naavu tea kuDitheevi. Ondu angadi avanu cutting tea kododu band maadidre bere angadi ge hogtheevi. Ade thara naavoonu rate jaasti maadidre saamaanya jana auto bittu bus alli hoghtaare. Adakke rate jaasti maadidre namage loss-u. Duddu iravareno taxi alli hogthaare, aadre naavu rate jaasti maadidre auto alli baro jana ella bus alli hogthaare.

Rough translation -

Those who are well-off will anyway use taxis. If I want to drink tea I will only go to a shop which serves me cutting tea ( half a cup of tea) and if it stops serving it I will go to another shop which serves me cutting tea. Likewise, if we increase auto fares, the commoner who'd come with us would start commuting in buses.

Quite an interesting observation, no?!

Photo courtesy: rviswana

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